Be Happy & Be Well

Based on the new science of well-being, this class includes proven practices for greater happiness, health and wellness. Learn the best techniques of mindfulness, positve psychology, and life coaching. Gain lifetime tools for personal growth, mindful awareness, self-acceptance, and more! Register for the class by searching “Be Happy” here: Download the flyer for the … Continue reading Be Happy & Be Well

A Poem To Inspire

A favorite poem, ‘A Summer Day’, by Mary Oliver, speaks to spending time in nature, for no reason other than to connect, refresh, & restore. It can also reflect on the direction life is currently taking – whether leading to peacefulness and joy or to stress and frustration. Truth is, life is bitter/sweet, so we don’t always … Continue reading A Poem To Inspire

Put Well-Being First

Putting well-being first may seem counter-intuitive! We usually expect it to come after the fact, a result of an accomplishment, achievement, or success. In reality though, it doesn’t often happen that way. We may feel good about our accomplishment, but the good feeling is conditional, and can slip away quickly as we experience stress or … Continue reading Put Well-Being First

Mindfulness Meditation – A Daily Practice

Studies have shown that the brains of people who meditate and practice mindfulness regularly actually show enlargement of the areas associated with attention, compassion, and empathy. Likewise, the areas which stimulate negativity and stress reactions actually get smaller. In addition, mindfulness practices lift our mood, decrease stress-related hormones and chemicals such as cortisol, and strengthen the immune … Continue reading Mindfulness Meditation – A Daily Practice